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  1. Thread: PTS on MAC

    by PostCard

    A Mac Patch is now available. Sorry for the wait!

    A Mac Patch is now available. Sorry for the wait!
  2. Sticky: Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 14, 2018

    Additional Updates

    A patch for Mac is now available.
    3-Star Dungeons have been added to the Geode Topside Adventure Worlds.
    Light values are now required to acquire loot in the U9 and U10...
  3. Sticky: Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 14, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Crystalline Cores now enter the world primarily from beating the timer in 5-star dungeons.
    Their drop rates and the cost of upgrades have been adjusted:

    Beating the...
  4. Sticky: Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 12, 2018 Part 2

    Additional Updates

    Increased stats and power rank across the board for Crystal equipment.
    Crystal Weapons and Faces can drop with magic find in the 3rd stat slot.
    Added a new augment, the...
  5. Sticky: Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 12, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Forge Fragments can no longer drop from NPCs on Geode Topside worlds, nor will they drop sometimes when mining Nitro Glitterine. Forge Fragments' primary acquisition method...
  6. Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 7, 2018

    Additional Updates

    All the Neon City bosses that snuck in to the Geode Topside Worlds should have been sent back home.
    The Geode Topside Worlds no longer drop general Gem Boxes along with the...
  7. Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 4, 2018 Part 2

    Additional Updates

    Geode Topside U9 and U10 Worlds now have a Light requirement for entry.
    Fixed an issue preventing the Vanguardian class from getting Crystal gear drops.
    Increased the...
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    Trove - PTS Patch Notes - December 4, 2018

    Additional Updates

    The Crystalline Stave crafted at the Sunseeker's Crystalforge can no longer roll Physical Damage at the Chaos Forge.
    Crystalline Weapons crafted at the Sunseeker's...
  9. PTS Patch Notes - Additional Updates - December 1, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Light/Dark stats have been fixed. U10 should be much more difficult now.
    Berserk Battler Gem ability no longer stacks.
    Added Loot Collectors and Personal Chests to all...
  10. Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - Crystal Combat Update - November 29, 2018

    Hey folks,

    Please be aware that we are currently moving offices, so the dev team will not be able to respond as quickly to issues on PTS as we usually try to do. We didn't want to hold back PTS...
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    Trove - Emergency Hotfix - November 20, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Fixed the recipe for the Automatic Frigate on the Chaos Crafter to grant the correct boat.
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    Hi folks! Just to clear up any remaining...

    Hi folks!

    Just to clear up any remaining confusion - the Tombstone Tempest costume for Gunslinger is, for a limited time, granted to players who are opted in to the Newsletter when they purchase...
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    Sticky: Trove - October Update - October 16, 2018

    Additional Updates*

    The Super Starter Pack in the store has been replaced with the Jump Starter Pack. Get a boost with this pack of 4 rows of Inventory slots, 10 Chaos Chests, 10 Greater Dragon...
  14. UPDATED - Patch - August 9, 2018 - 8:00 AM PDT (3:00PM UTC)

    Update 1 - 9AM PDT (4PM UTC) - Trove for consoles is coming back online after the patch. The PC version will remain offline while our support team continues to work on cleaning up the economic impact...
  15. Trove - Improvements Hotfix 1 - August 9, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Critters in the Geode Caves should now consistently grant Lesser Crystal Caches even if they've previously been snubbed by another player.
    Note: The blastflowers in the caves...
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    Improvements Patch Notes - August 7, 2018

    Bomber Royale Changes

    Kill credit is now granted to the most recent player to damage someone if they die from environmental damage or falling within 15 seconds.
    Bomber Royale experience gain...
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - July 27, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Ice Sage's Basic Attack with the class gem equipped has also had the damage coefficient increased.
    Pain Freeze applies chill again.
    Opening the Module Forge now once...
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - July 26, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Slightly increased the Basic Attack coefficient for Ice Sage.
    Slightly increased the damage coefficient for Ice Crash and Ice Shards.
    Bomber Royale has been switched...
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - July 24, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Ice Sage changes:

    The explosion for Pain Freeze should now trigger after three attacks.
    The damage coefficient on the Basic Attack has increased.
    Frozen Ward's...
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    PTS Maintenance - July 24, 2018

    PTS is being brought down for some maintenance at 1:30 PM PT. Estimated downtime is 1 hour. This thread will be updated with server status.

    2:20 PT PM Maintenance has been completed and the...
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    Hey folks - there's some misinformation occurring...

    Hey folks - there's some misinformation occurring in this thread that I'd like to correct. The change to the Barrier Generator was not due to any feedback from any player - it was because stacking...
  22. Hey folks! I'm happy to inform you that this was...

    Hey folks! I'm happy to inform you that this was actually changed in the update last night. Feel free to check it out on PTS right now!
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    Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - July 23, 2018

    Additional Updates

    The player's icon should now appear over other players on the map.
    Honeybreeze Dragon Egg Fragments now deconstruct in to flux rather than glim.
    Removed some extraneous...
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    Sticky: Pts Patch Notes - July 21, 2018

    Additional Updates

    Fixed a fairly common client crash.
    The Disclaimer text has been told to stop showing up on extra dialog messages.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing new characters from...
  25. Sticky: PTS Patch Notes - Improvements Update - July 20, 2018

    Bomber Royale Changes

    A couple of potential Bomber Royale maps are currently running on PTS, but may not be included in the final Improvements Update. Please feel free to give feedback on these...
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