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    Failure to Connect to Server

    I tried to join a friend up and now I can't get on Trove at all when it said it failed to join. My friends are still on, but I can't come back on.
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    Wow! Your club looks beyond stunning! I would...

    Wow! Your club looks beyond stunning! I would love to join, if you'd like to let me in!

    IGN: Gaerith
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    Looking for active, all inclusive clubs

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a club, preferably one that's a bit of everything or casual, and one that's willing to take in lower power level people (My current power level on Gaerith is 600 something.)...
  4. Thanks for the confirmation on what I thought it...

    Thanks for the confirmation on what I thought it was, everyone. I decided to work on my cornerstone until the hub was basically empty, then I fished until I got the Hub Hugger. So I don't have to...
  5. Does Fishing Sometimes Yield Nothing, Or is it Lag/Bug?

    Hey guys, trying to do some fishing and notice that a LOT of the time, I get absolutely nothing. I went through ten lures in a row with nothing, and I was wondering if this is actually a bug, since...
  6. Thread: Hi There!

    by Edwynn

    Hi There!

    I'm not exactly new to Trove, but I've never made a post on here, so well, here we go.

    Hi guys, I'm Edwynn, or Gaerith in game! I'm a pretty big fan of this game, having found myself lost for...
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