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    Please. You're embarrassing yourself. /Z

    Please. You're embarrassing yourself.

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    You're not alone. Just look at the prices of...

    You're not alone.

    Just look at the prices of Credit Pouches. There's quite a few that are fed up with this.
    I stopped buying them as soon as I heard about this. Why invest anything anymore.

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    "I think the mastery cap is getting way too much...

    "I think the mastery cap is getting way too much backlash than it needs too, they look like legit crybabies"

    I believe you're missing the point. And calling end-gamers crybabies and then asking...
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    It's affecting my game play already. Won't be...

    It's affecting my game play already. Won't be chasing any credit pouches to buy any more. Why waste the flux when I'm way over the cap already.

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    I agree 100% with both above. Well written.

    I agree 100% with both above. Well written.
  6. Mastery is Trove

    <rant 2 min>

    I remember back in the day I worked really hard to get to level 30 with my main. It took forever and I loved the game.

    Coming from other games where all that matters is the level...
  7. Thread: Chaos coins

    by Zerototh

    There's a bigger problem here even though this one is big enough

    That some get 3 Chaos Coins just for logging in during a few hours of 1 day while others don't is complete bs ofc.

    The fact that you even need to discuss how to resolve this makes this even more...
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    Remove or raise the upper market price a lot higher?

    As you're concentrating on fixing the market now could I suggest you remove or if not possible raise the price cap on marketplace items? Max is currently 25 mil.

    Remove or set it to 100...
  9. Leviathan update killed endgame?

    We went from Endgame content that required planning, groups (actual friends that would invite you), experience and a class with max light (a use for light woo!) to this....
  10. That's why my suggestions for remeding this is not free

    I do agree that it's a silly situation but one that's easily fixed.

    I would agree that some kind of compensation for the players who did get it could be on the table IF the solution suggested...
  11. Many seem to have missed the opportunity to get that seasonal ally

    A 5(!) day long season introduced an ally worth 50 mp with a huge and quite successful update (huge = timesink) in the middle of another ongoing event (Turkeytopia 2019).

    I know there were...
  12. First season of Strongbox Ally was short... really short..


    First season of Strongbox Ally was 5 days long. That has to be a record of some sort!

    So everyone who did not have time to log in and get those strongboxes, or chose/could not open them...
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    Love the renewed commitment to the forum from you...

    Love the renewed commitment to the forum from you guys.

    Keep up the good work! :)
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    Suggestion for Leviathan Loot - Finders Keepers

    Agree with Holy. Well written post!

    My two cents:
    How about we give the one who found the levi a fighting chance to get the loot?

    For example: Press "e" to claim either on the skull itself...
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    Make The Forums Great Again - or focus on something else?

    Thank you for your positive response regarding the forums and the need to update them. If you guys feel that it's too much to keep it updated I recommend you clearly state what type of information,...
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    What do you mean with "Shadow's Eve chests now act more..."

    Well as the title says,

    what do you mean with: "Shadow's Eve chests now act more like other chests for drops unrelated to the event."

    What was the problem?

  17. Another issue?

    In the Shadow Eve post/announcement you guys wrote:
    "On the Shadowy Station, players can craft two event rewards using the 2019 Shadowy Seals. For 10 Seals they can craft the Ethereal Explorer and...
  18. Gamigo: Start an official Discord Server?

    Would that be possible?

    We're all using discord anyway. Why not have an official Trove server?

    If nothing else it could help with the almost non-existent dialog we have today between...
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    +1 A beautiful suggestion!


    A beautiful suggestion!
  20. Instead of removing items from game - let us compost them

    I read in the pts gardening notes that some event materials/stuff are being removed from game. Natural as their description says they will disappear.

    Could we instead make them compostable?...
  21. Archlich Kizappian does not seem to have Defeath Death Knights quest

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to reroll Death Knight quest from Archlich Kizappian for quite awhile... too long to write down here...

    I can not get the quest for defeating/killing Death...
  22. Can confirm Racing Raptor isnt extinct - PC

    Confirmed on PC. And its tradeable.

    I have no words ...
  23. Lost mastery points when I read a recipe?

    Time: 20:20'ish GMT+1
    Context: Candoria, recipe lowered the mastery bar when reading a recipe
    Expected: I read the recipe expecting to gain masterpoints; as in my mastery bar increasing. ...
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