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  1. How to navigate Inventory with a controller on PC?

    I have just switched over from Xbox to PC (I still play Xbox) and I'm using a controller because it's more familiar. How do I navigate the Inventory or menu? I hate to have to always switch over to...
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    I haven't played in well over a year

    As I said I haven't played trove in about a year. But I really want to get back into it. I logged in yesturday and so much has changed. I am genuinely quite confused by geode, but the rest of it I...
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    Trove Team Letter


    We’re sorry it’s taken a while to get word out to the community. It was very important to us that any information we shared was completely locked in because we recognize the very valid...
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    Does Boomer have an Attack Speed Cap?

    i have my boomeranger at max level and at 20k pr. And i feel like no matter how much attack speed i get on him, he stays the same due to his wind-up animation?

    Can anyone tell me if this is the...
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    Compiling / Updating / Features Help

    Hello, I recently started dabbling in the realm of compiling a devel build of OpenELEC to install.

    The first generic build I tried going 6.95.3 to the current devel today through update images,...
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    Returning Player, help!

    I used to play a boomeranger but want a change but dont know what class i want to play, i dont mind the class just dont want it to be easy to play
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    Wanting to Sell Griffon Talisman

    Wanting to Sell Griffon Talisman
    I have put it on the store for 580000 flux or contact me in troveAkinatorXender Kik
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    Looking for stellar 5 MaxHP ring!

    please help
    Looking for stellar 5 MaxHP ring!
  9. Thread: Trove Lag

    by bhajipav

    Trove Lag

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this game. But I need some help/

    One thing I noticed is that this game has extreme lag for me. I have great internet connection, but the lags are getting too much out of...
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    Sky gold coins

    Ive been playing Trove for about 4 months now (PS4) and for the 1st and only time I found this block by random chance during a rampage event. I found a wiki entry on google but nothing too detailed....
  11. Trove crashes upon startup every single time

    When I click Play on Glyph it loads into the title screen then blacks out, kicks me back to the desktop and then kicks me out "Trove has encountered an error"

    I've disabled my AV and tried it....
  12. Looking for someone to play / Grind with

    Hey , I was looking for some people to grind and chat with , I play on EU and I have about 120 hours on the game. I stopped playing for a while because It was boring playing alone but I decided to...
  13. log in if you are stuck at opening loading screen

    The reason you cannot log in is because your character is in a club world, there's a problem with all clubs right now (ps4, not sure about xbox or PC)

    So one of my psn friends had this issue...
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    Revenant Tank build

    With the revamp of his abilities, how could I best create an ultimate tank build? The lifesteal on the attacks is based on damage now, so is the best bet hp>hp%>physical dmg with Samantha or prowling...
  15. Should I avoid spending money on this game now?

    I haven't played this game in a little while. Before this Geode update came out to be exact. I've apparently came back at a bad time for Trove, Gamigo bought Trion and people are saying Trove is...
  16. Thread: Class switch?

    by bhajipav

    Class switch?

    So im currently playing neon ninja im at lvl 20 2600 pr: and i feel like my ninja is incredibly weak. So i was thinking of switching to gunslinger shadow hunter revenant or candy barb.

    Is neon...
  17. Is anyone hopeful about this acquisition?

    Would Gamigo really buy Trion and not even try to make improvements?

    The general opinion is that Trove is doomed.

    Does anyone feel the opposite? Like this may be a good thing?
    Rightmove Kijiji...
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    I miss my Neon Ninja's old shurikens

    I recently got my class gem and now my Neon Ninja is ****in beastly with 40% crit hit combined with Surestrike Emblem and Martial Emblem. The Hacksaw Shuriken basically turns into a nuke whenever I...
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