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    Suggestion: Dual Daily Bonus

    Monday: Harvesting multiplier + Growing speed multiplier
    Tuesday: Ore multiplier + Mining speed multiplier
    Wednesday: 125%(150%)Elemental gem box + 140%(180%) shadow gem box
    Thursday: %loot box +...
  2. I had more ideas about the thing, Pro players who...

    I had more ideas about the thing, Pro players who dies while fighting gives a push to remaining players and the last who survives is somehow overpower on the stats of players who dies after the...
  3. {Suggestion} flat mastery world with random level bosses and 5 star dungeons ritual

    Make such a world where noobs become the most loved prime material for pros in such a mean that even soloers will learn the power of friendship.
    I made a thread about candorian ritual. I'm bringing...
  4. Could patron be done cheaper? So many packs for sale now-a-day

    I always thought patron pass was tremendously costy. It costs more than buying 2 awesome games a year... Or a nice indie game a month. For always the same game, paid over and over... IT's more...
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    The Moon (a world to visit)

    Guys, what about the moon?
    ... And other stars?

    I know this game has slightly but a few to do with Star Trek but it would be Terrific to have access to the moon we see when we are in DOTM's...
  6. Suggestion: make-so shadow tower bonus per class only count alive players

    Would be real great if dead players weren'T counted on the bonus chart so living players gets the full bonus they deserve for being mighty and alive. ... Like... Not my character in the current very...
  7. Dang, it'S getting worse, i finished current...

    Dang, it'S getting worse, i finished current challenge at least 30 seconds before the time ends and i got no rewards.

    Seriously, blocking portal when less time than the time it takes is left (1)...
  8. Suggestion: subterranean endless dungeon on regular maps

    Would be fantastic to have something similar to minecraft's generated mine shafts and have boss rooms along the path. For fast runs, it would be amazing. With ore here and there, and all.
  9. (suggestion) Challenge passed-the-clock prevention

    Either shut down challenge when the timer is out... Either prolongate challenge clock for people who are still in an instance.
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    Can't claim half of items

    Only dragon coins and pfifario tokens gets go through...
    Nevermind... Inventory was just as full as Winnie's belly when he found the bees's nest.

    Talking bee's nest... It would be awesome to have...
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    It's in your mind. The boxes you craft are the...

    It's in your mind. The boxes you craft are the exact same boxes as the ones you get from moon souls or leaderboard or store.
    Hmm... That's a thing that really worries me tho, if they add new class...
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    Gem forge suggestion: Tier augmenter

    An additional item that should be added, as empowered gem boxes delivers much more radiants and 1 stars than before, would be a tier augmenter that only works on non-3-star stellars and be used to...
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    Empowerted gem boxes: make 3 tiers.

    It's hell on earth to pay money for radiant gems. I want a refund.

    Make 3 tiers. A lame tier, a normal tier, and a store pack tier.

    That's 20$ that i could have gave to Alex Jones for the...
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    Would have been simpler with a dropdown menu...

    Would have been simpler with a dropdown menu quite frankly xD Evading randomness swiftly. "Randomness isn't my thing, so long and thanx for the roll"

    Maybe there should be 2 different reroll...
  15. A real while ago, when your patron wasn't active,...

    A real while ago, when your patron wasn't active, you had a patron icon in a corner. That was much of use. Having it in the character sheet's page is good sometimes but it's just not obvious enough...
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    Reroll ain't enough...

    When rerolling health to get less health instead of a useful stat... All i wish is there was a cancel button to reroll. If it was as predictable as switching aura maybe at least then we could make...
  17. Could the patron status be more obvious?

    I opened tons of boxes without realizing my patron wasn't ON anymore... First, it would be very nice to have an obvious element showing that patron isn't on anymore or something... Secondly, it would...
  18. (jokin around) Are you the light that casts the shadow? (Shadow escalation 8/10)

    Light doesn't cast shadow. Shadow is already there. Light casts light. Objects in the path of light are casted into existing shadow by the light. :D
  19. Asking for help to other players is pointless....

    Asking for help to other players is pointless. Noted. Too bad there isn't a ignore function on forums.
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    Don't worry Newdestroy, i appreciate your work as...

    Don't worry Newdestroy, i appreciate your work as long as you don't criticize mine :)
  21. Hmm... I'd like to get the new values :o Wikia...

    Hmm... I'd like to get the new values :o Wikia page should be updated by its authors also...
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    What happens to Crit Hit passed 100%?

    Just figured out i didn'T need surestrike emblem in the view that if Crit hit passed 100% is not coherent... But i'm totally unsure, maybe there's a subtlety that i miss? What happens to the extra %...
  23. racing challenge jump pads doesnt always jump

    Put more efforts into these minigames please :o The maps are beautiful but not always too functional. Jump pads mostly fails to make character jump...

    Also, you really got a stop challenge entry...
  24. Previous image host is down... That's what it...

    Previous image host is down... That's what it gives when you google "permanent image hosting" :P

    Updated link:
  25. Is GS subclass supposed to glide? IF it doesn't, then it should.

    Without gliding, the GS ability is meaningless as it's impossible to maintain a straight target while jumping up and falling down... And even tho the enemy model is wide, its weak part seems much...
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