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    Managed to crashed me someone who's using one of...

    Managed to crashed me someone who's using one of those high-end pc (Top of the line) you would say, The spam is just ... too much for anyone to handle....
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    Stuck on Use a Thumper

    Account name "RadiantNeko" got stuck on use a Thumper (Adventure Reliquary)
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    1,998 Uh doesn't seems...

    Uh doesn't seems like it
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    [Bug Report] Mag Movement speed is broken

    Time: PTS Patch Notes - February 22, 2018 Part 2 Right after Patch
    Context: I pressed X to use the dance pad and move slowly around
    Expected: I expected to get the crappy slow 25 movementspeed...
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    The server is online, but locked been locked...

    The server is online, but locked

    been locked for over 5 hours already, still waiting for some informations/announcement from the Developers on the locking.
  6. There's another bug which is VFX mounting...

    There's another bug which is VFX

    mounting a certain mount with alot of VFX and finding a good auto clicker/marco spamming Z would create a massive chunk of repeative VFX that could possibly...
  7. [Possible Glitch/Bug] Deconstructing Contest

    So, there's a flaw/glitch in the deconstructing contest which is this week contest

    players are able to deconstruct a certain amount of item and buy back, repeating it actually gives you score on...
  8. [Bug Report] Chaos Chest & Everdark not working as intended

    as you can see the Chaos Chest is bugged/glitched whenever you open it "There was a problem unlocking this lockbox"

    Everdark now...
  9. [Bug report] possible bug glitch on Contests.

    So from what i seen on the first day logged in this weekend i saw that all Contests has been removed from the game? none of them are showing when i preass K, Mastery Power rank, Classes Contest are...
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    Interesting Market glitch

    an interesting market glitch, all you need to do is right click any type of resources in the new inventory it'll list all of it
  11. [PTS - Club] Bright Skies - Recuirting Fellow Builders/Helpers!

    Bright Skies Club
    We're in need of fellow builders & helpers! the club was created with one sole purpose of helping newbies and any other fellow friends in the PTS Community! we're accepting all...
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    Im a PTS Mainer myself, and somehow i completely...

    Im a PTS Mainer myself, and somehow i completely agrees with you. +1 LippyLapras

  13. Easier ways to get into testing realms.

    So it's me again, and i have a question shouldn't there be ways to get Dust/Equipments/experiences easier on PTS? farming/grinding/obtaining those gears are most likely impossible for newbies that...
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    964 here's the image anw

    here's the image anw
  15. Thread: Visual Bugs

    by DarkImpose

    Visual Bugs

    This is visual bug.
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    Visual Glitch? - Bug/Glitch Report

    Well apparently Neon Ninja M2 and Tomb Raiser Ability 1 do this now... is this a visual/vfx bug?

    pretty much that's
  17. [Bug Report] Weird Bugs? Maybe some conflicts with classes

    My Boomeranger have Lunar Lancer Passive for some reason and it's actually dealing damage with it @.@
    Here's the images:

    How to get the...
  18. it's interesting to see that they disabled all...

    it's interesting to see that they disabled all the things that can boost our progress faster and ended up saying it's a Test server not to main, just for example the Golden Gem Key? if we had that...
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    [Bug Report] Unlocking new mounts

    Time: Wednesday, November 2th, at 2:20 PM ICT
    Context: I got a new mount from CC loot and tried to unlock it
    Expected: i expected to see the new mount in my mount section
    Observed: Instead, the...
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    Questions about highest damage?

    Well, as you know since the MoP everything gone quite high , to the tankiest Rev , the strongest Gunslinger , the top DPS dealer SH , the Semi-Hybryd-Damage Candy Barb...

    what's SH highest...
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    Crashing Bug Report~

    Time: Wednesday, October 25th, at 3:53 PM UTC +7
    Context: Crashing whenever i change a style and preassed another button
    Expected: i preassed C and select mount, selected a diff mount and preassed...
  22. Public Test Server is becoming like Live server?

    that's the all it about on title, tell me what you think about PTS right now?
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    Kralj ... my account/glyph is bugged can't login...

    Kralj ... my account/glyph is bugged can't login to trove... and yeah try and create normal club! set the area to architect invite someone to help let him stay member! he can still break the area was...
  24. Server Rejecting Version Check - Bug report

    Time: Wednesday, October 19th, at 4:28 PM UTC +7
    Context: i logged in Glyph and saw a 10MB update! and i updated it
    Expected: I expected to loggin game normally
    Observed: Instead, logged in game...
  25. This seems like a bug/glitch? anyone got this before?

    some random person just floats on the map? weird eh?
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