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  1. Mount: Runaway Egg Untradeable on Console

    hello, there is a issue with the mount "Runaway Egg" from this years Bunfest Event, on PC they are tradeable. Are the Runaway Eggs on Console going to be Tradeable also?
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    Rally Blade Soft Lock FIX!

    For the people that don't already know there is a fix for the rally blade that bugs the NPC. It's a glitch that makes it impossible to spawn more NPCs because it thinks the NPCs there even though...
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    Hey i think i found a fix for it...

    Hey i think i found a fix for it tell me if it worked!!
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    Broken Rally Blade Fixture Fix!!

    This is all you need!! Devs Please fix this bug so were people are not wasting 200 clubits everytime!! Thanks!
  5. Seriously it is monday and it's such a pain to...

    Seriously it is monday and it's such a pain to get my Shadow Towers. Any News on this getting fixed? People on NA are wondering, this lag is making the game very frustrating to play @gedc @MobiDobi....
  6. Kicked Out of the Game and Getting Disconnected!

    After the server migration i have been rapidly been getting diconnected from the game. Did Something go wrong during the move?

    A Great Amount of people are also having this Problem, can you...
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