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    ControlNPC needs to be split!

    I believe there should be a ControlNPC and SummonNPC permission separately. I want anyone to summon my NPCs while I am away, but only I should be able to spend the Clubits on waking and banishing...
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    Blue Moon Eclipse is now recruiting!

    Message ‘Little Jimmy 87’ for an invite!
    We always have active heroes!
    We are currently level 1, but we are heading for level 5 to get that
    ‘Club Merchant III’
    We have no requirements to join.
  4. I was not talking about Max PR. I was talking...

    I was not talking about Max PR. I was talking about max stats.
    I think I figured it out. A 100% perfect level 25 Stellar Gem has 1755 PR, meaning each stat gives 585 PR...
    Using that information...
  5. What are the max stats a gem can have at 100% ?

    I've been scouring the internet for information on this subject and found nothing. If I have a level 25 stellar gem what will the best possible stats be? And I believe they would be the same for...
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