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  1. Destroyed a Fierce Cosmic gym by accident

    I didn't deselect a jamming rather than moving over to the other gem slot I just destroyed it and re socketed it. And I really need that Jim wtb help
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    Please help?!?!

    Why there would be a function or it be possible to delete your flux is beyond me. So while walking towards Trading Post in with my inventory open and my buddy telling me to trade him there was an...
  3. extremely thankful

    They addressed my ticket immediately maybe not even 5 minutes after I filed it and restored my item thank you so very much I greatly appreciate you for the speedy assistance the support was phenomenal
  4. well if it wasn't for bad luck id have no luck... Im so defeated atm

    Ran up to the trading post in the hub. Over shot my intended target... Opened the community chest... Hit x and dropped a radiant bow that had 2 pearls to each stat & it didn't even appear... I 1000%...
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