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  1. Club affiliation disappears/self-club disappears too

    While my affiliation with a club disappears, my personal club literally disappears until i type /joinworld myclubname where it comes back to my club list. When i join an adventure world, i get a...
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    XP potions are bugged

    It's been 2 xp potions i waste in a week so the problem is clearly persistent. I take the potion and out of nowhere, it disappears. You should put efforts into registering the potion and it's end...
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    What the? TOW gives "Radical wings"?

    You already removed double karma on boxes, now you added this horror to TOWs? How horrible. I wasted weeks and weeks of rising my karma bar with no surprises at all in the way through just to get...
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    Suggestion: New emblems, new vials.

    Emblems and vials are getting old. Frankly, i don'T use any other vial than elysian because i won'T just smash q all the time for no reason. Some new auto-vials that has additional features would be...
  5. Absolutefully! After a while, that makes a lot...


    After a while, that makes a lot of money for absolutely nothing as allies are never really used, mounts gets drowned under the dust... (Can dust even use the verb "to drown"?) and...
  6. infinium chef/eclipse pack/square necessities > Add aura

    I would be much more tempted to buy all 3, one per month, if they all 3 indcluded an aura for weapon and an aura for hat.

    So yea, an aura that would be yellow and green... An aura made of popping...
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    Chaos megacore.

    Already, the fact CC's loot cannot be traded is already lame but getting chaos megacore from golden chaos chest is absolutely lame. Fluxes are so uncommon to loot even with flux relics that it's...
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    You guys broke everdark

    Got 6 2stars class gem for dracolyte. I wanted to exchange its 2stars class gem for a 3 stars because there's no way i'll ever upgrade a 2 stars ever again. I feel ripped off. And of course all those...
  9. Bought the 6 buck starter pack but didnt get dragon coin(double) and clover(double)

    And the patron pass applied while i wanted to keep it for later !
    But the incredible amount of rat mounts made my joy anyway lol..
    But i thought i would share the extra dragon coin and clover...
  10. Nevermind. Resolved.

    I've unlocked 2 golden chaos chests and a few reg CCs and got the gnarly ally from the normal one and i clicked it, it told i learned it, but it's absent from my collection even tho i restart the...
  11. Disable bombs in cornerstone/disable auto-equip of bombs

    I'm sick of destroying my cornerstone and stuff. I always remove bombs from quick toolbar but it keeps coming back. I have big fingers. This causes my cornerstone and clubworld to be full of holes...
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    Suggestion: Club Alliances

    There are so many clubs that it's difficult to expect smaller ones would get as many benefits as larger ones... But with alliances, gatherer clubs would help small clubs gets nicer growth while...
  13. Dang, it's buggy, i don'T get loots on my own...

    Dang, it's buggy, i don'T get loots on my own kills with map minibosses just because some other players are closeby :o Got a re-think this great new feature so it doesn,t get a burden folks :3
  14. Hello, been a while! Suggestion: adaptative tether

    In adventure world, tethers should form naturally when players sticks together for more than X dungeons. Players who joins auto joins the pool when X dungeons completed with group.
    Pressing CTRL...
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    Suggestion: Dual Daily Bonus

    Monday: Harvesting multiplier + Growing speed multiplier
    Tuesday: Ore multiplier + Mining speed multiplier
    Wednesday: 125%(150%)Elemental gem box + 140%(180%) shadow gem box
    Thursday: %loot box +...
  16. I had more ideas about the thing, Pro players who...

    I had more ideas about the thing, Pro players who dies while fighting gives a push to remaining players and the last who survives is somehow overpower on the stats of players who dies after the...
  17. {Suggestion} flat mastery world with random level bosses and 5 star dungeons ritual

    Make such a world where noobs become the most loved prime material for pros in such a mean that even soloers will learn the power of friendship.
    I made a thread about candorian ritual. I'm bringing...
  18. Could patron be done cheaper? So many packs for sale now-a-day

    I always thought patron pass was tremendously costy. It costs more than buying 2 awesome games a year... Or a nice indie game a month. For always the same game, paid over and over... IT's more...
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    The Moon (a world to visit)

    Guys, what about the moon?
    ... And other stars?

    I know this game has slightly but a few to do with Star Trek but it would be Terrific to have access to the moon we see when we are in DOTM's...
  20. Suggestion: make-so shadow tower bonus per class only count alive players

    Would be real great if dead players weren'T counted on the bonus chart so living players gets the full bonus they deserve for being mighty and alive. ... Like... Not my character in the current very...
  21. Dang, it'S getting worse, i finished current...

    Dang, it'S getting worse, i finished current challenge at least 30 seconds before the time ends and i got no rewards.

    Seriously, blocking portal when less time than the time it takes is left (1)...
  22. Suggestion: subterranean endless dungeon on regular maps

    Would be fantastic to have something similar to minecraft's generated mine shafts and have boss rooms along the path. For fast runs, it would be amazing. With ore here and there, and all.
  23. (suggestion) Challenge passed-the-clock prevention

    Either shut down challenge when the timer is out... Either prolongate challenge clock for people who are still in an instance.
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    Can't claim half of items

    Only dragon coins and pfifario tokens gets go through...
    Nevermind... Inventory was just as full as Winnie's belly when he found the bees's nest.

    Talking bee's nest... It would be awesome to have...
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    It's in your mind. The boxes you craft are the...

    It's in your mind. The boxes you craft are the exact same boxes as the ones you get from moon souls or leaderboard or store.
    Hmm... That's a thing that really worries me tho, if they add new class...
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