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  1. Suggestion: Marketplace "item type" filter fix

    I realized by browsing collection and using the marketplace arrows besides uncollected items that tons of items doesn't display when using the "Item Type" filter and setting it to mount.

    But if I...
  2. Wow, thank's for the trove of wonder, so generous!

    I don't know how else I could have obtained this prized TOW other than paying 30$.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Gardening time limit

    I think it's unfair that I spend massive amount of materials to plant alchemy plant that are ready to be harvested later than the time it withers.
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    Suggestion: Regular tree blueprints

    There has been tons of blueprints done for biome related stuff, but nothing for medieval highland or peaceful fields.

    I made a post suggesting you release new sets of organic blocks, and new sets...
  5. Not a big fan of charged circuits and infinity loops

    They make Amperium egg fragments and Resistor egg fragments much more rare.
    Maybe you should remove Plasmium from the neon caches's loot table, as you introduced a lot of "fillers".

    I actually...
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    Glitch in cornerstone (again)

    The layer just below the "ground level" layer turned into grey cornerstone blocks, flat.

    You really have to check your cornerstone system up.

    Edit: Hmm... The glitch didn't catch up on next...
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    I luv my new Peppermint Goatyata!

    It looks pretty on my Tomb Raiser!

    Merry countdown to Christmas!
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    I bought the pack yesterday, tho all I received...

    I bought the pack yesterday, tho all I received yet is an "Owned" button. I could as well have made one in Microsoft Paint for free. Nothing else indicates whether the magic of Christmas is happening...
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    Update: As I obtained the Topiary Terrapin mount...

    Update: As I obtained the Topiary Terrapin mount which is clearly the best boat in game, in terms of usefulness, I moved some controls as I'll describe here:

    I moved boat to Start button, and...
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    I found a solution: Make the advent calendar pack...

    I found a solution: Make the advent calendar pack giftable, with a maximum per account so it doesn'T itself become a trade.
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    Spirit of christmas

    I think it's bad to be told to sh** up when wishing a merry countdown to Christmas to everyone.

    And with a pack of presents that costs money, I think the spirit of christmas is broken.
  12. Suggestion: Balancing low level adventures, and low level item forging emphasis

    Forging is kind of pointless, with Crystal items. But if there were perks given for low level adventure and uber worlds, good to the point of attracting even endgame players, if it will, would be...
  13. New corruxion dragon, I like it, but a suggestion here:

    I suggest each fragments can be coaxed individually up to 50 times, and that each action of coaxing, at a reasonable ingredient cost, each of them gives 1% crit dmg, instead of 1% crit dmg for the...
  14. Launcher glitchy each time pc wakes from sleep mode

    It forces me to restart Steam every time. Tho, if anyone had that issue, restart steam, it fixes it temporarily.

    Steam thinks Trove is opened while it's not, because its state becomes ambiguous...
  15. Suggestion: Cooking challenge dungeons

    I suggest rare cooking dungeons where the goal is to cook a meal faster than the boss. Give a series of actions, make it do mistakes that players could be subject to do too, and in the end, players...
  16. Well. Lasermancing them gave me back more bobble...

    Well. Lasermancing them gave me back more bobble pods. Maybe it's the model that is wrong.
  17. half my bobble pod plants decayed before even producing fruit

    half of them popped correctly, the other half instantly turned into a stack of remains.
    That's very bad.
    It's not fun when you guys trade us disappointment. I'm already disappointed enough at Covid...
  18. Suggestion: Various clubworld merchant skins

    It'd be okay if we had at least 3 choices of clubworld merchants skins.

    A more medieval-highland themed skin could be nice.

    IDK about a third choice, maybe neon businessmen with ties and all..
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    So. I found the badges that didn't show up last...

    So. I found the badges that didn't show up last time. All it says on the dragon itself is "obtained through the consumption of 100 hoard souls" which isn't the info I'm looking for in-game.
    Where is...
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    Have you heard about get the cube off my posts?

    Have you heard about get the cube off my posts?
  21. weekly leaderboard rewards - you forgot to give class rewards

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    I'm-a pop your bubble. And you priv-messaged me...

    I'm-a pop your bubble. And you priv-messaged me to read THIS? I stopped reading right away. Go cube yourself. Bye.

    Forums are meant to be used. I won't erase myself just because MISTER feels like...
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    Suggestion: Shadow Luxion

    There's a room below Luxion's landing floor. Get a shadow Luxion to spawn in it at unpredictable moments, with new emblems, flasks, allies, stuff to give badass stats... And of course, style stashes,...
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    Class suggestion: Wildling

    I thought it could be great to incarnate a class that isn't biped.
    A quadruped creature could be amazing to play.
    A bit like FF7's REDXII
    Thing is... It wouldn'T really have any fitness for head,...
  25. More blocks suggestion: Organic blocks

    I suggested more metal blocks in another post.
    This time, I suggest organic blocks for all biomes so biomes like Neon or Candoria can be shaped to an artistic desire.
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