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I woke up one morning, tired of the old games I played. I watched youtube videos for some time, and I saw an ad on the right of the screen. I thought it was some stupid flash game that would crash in 3 seconds after opening... Then I downloaded the Glyph Launcher and Trove itself. I then went to opening the game... I typed my username and went into the game. I spawned in standing in the tutorial level, I used the barbershop for 10 minutes. My sister finally joined and then we started to do dungeons in Cursed Vale. We then went to the Novice Adventure after finishing all of the dungeons we could find. We were walking around when we found Infinium and met my soon-to-be friend, SkullKidxx. We walked on with my sister and Skull to the Tundra, and then we had run across a huge tower after destroying some mobs. It was my first real boss fight... That my friend and sister fought. I fell down the tower and had to go back up. We then left to Cocoa Craters and then we fell into the SoT. We then moved onto the Adept Adventure... I found someone named Zalabi and they helped me in the Neon City lair. We moved on and then Skull had come online after the long night. Then we marched across the SoT into the Fae Wilds and had adventured into no dungeons, but made a cornerstone and then I had my first death when I was ambushed when we moved to Master Adventure as an Invader killed me. Then he resurrected me. Then my connection went hay-wire and I was lost. I have yet to continue.
Permafrost Biome
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"dang it, i don't like neon city. got any blocks?" -justinbieber, TROVE2014

justinbieber, knight main, on a team

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