View Full Version : Patch - Navigation Edition - 5/3/2016

Mr. E
05-02-2016, 05:57 PM
The HUD has gotten some love!
We've added a new Navigation Menu so you can see all of the most important windows you'll use on a regular basis! It's beautiful AND useful! Try it out!
Character level and Mastery Rank both have progress bars visible on the main HUD, next to your Power Rank, which is also visible.
We've also added a progress bar for your Tomes near the Star Bar.
Dodge and Hub hotkeys are now on your hotbar when in adventure mode. You can now see your cooldown for dodge!


Fixed bug where rewards weren't granted for leaderboards that reset each week. This fixes the issue that prevented the weekly Quests Completed contest rewards from being granted. Those rewards will be granted shortly after this fix goes live.
Leaderboards show their progress better.
Fixed bug where leaderboard contest progress appears to change when switching between "Everyone" and "Friends" filters
Adjusted rewards for and re-activated the weekly stats leaderboard. There is no longer a 1st place prize and instead additional and more accessible prizes. The first prize is the former second prize and now is given to 250 people (up from 100).

Battle Arena Map Rotation!
Three NEW maps have been swapped in to Battle Arena map rotation

Turtles (by Haze84)
Mushrooms (by HerpDerp)
Golden Alley (by TheRealSecret)

Two maps have been swapped out

Golden Arena and Gardens


Gem Boxes from Adventure Worlds now have Karma.
The Free Dust Boxes from the store can no longer be placed in a Loot Collector.
Increased dust values when Loot Collecting Empowered gems.

Class Updates

Pirate Captain - Pretend Pirate no longer causes block damage after it explodes.
Pirate Captain's ARR-tillery cannons now deal the same damage as regular First Mate cannons.
Neon Ninja - Class Gem - Increased the damage co-efficient for 3 ring stars to 9.5, and increased the critical multiplier for 3 ring starts to 2.5

Miscellaneous Fixes and Updates

Contents of the Chaos Chest have been shuffled! Grab the fancy, new Magic Carpetapillar!
Randomly, monsters throughout the world will spawn larger and special powers and will drop loot as though they were a dungeon chest!
Dub-O-Mancer costume for Chloromancer now has unique sounds.
Skyrealms will now respect which region you are in. Yay for less lag!
Added an option for Lens Distortion in Video Settings.
Pre-loaded some Marketplace data so that it no longer lags the first time you search by item name (though Trove may start up slower as a result!).
You can no longer Loot Collect Class Gem Keys, Shaper's Star Keys, Shaper's Star, or Ninth Life boosters.
Fixed dragon badge tooltips to display Critical Hit correctly.
Disabled Large Cannon dungeon in Treasure Isles.
Fixed an issue where the cannons on the Turtle Tank could face the wrong way.