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04-27-2016, 11:04 PM
An Idea for a new class would be something like a water melee that would most likely be called Wave Warrior (wishing that it would have more ATK speed than candy barb). dual sworded. The items would use Magic Damage even though it is a warrior. Moves would be
Rightclick = teleports to where your cursor is, (as far as the fae trickster can do) and water would show under where your teleporting (like a puddle that follows while your teleporting.) If any enemy hits this puddle of water they get slowed.
1 = throws 3 orbs of water that doe AOE (able to hold the orbs. Most likely they would float above your head.) and also able to connect to one huge water orb and make it more powerful and also larger AOE. Both would slow the enemy.
2 = leaping attack that can be used to get away from enemies and also used for DMG (also AOE) You would leap like how you would aim a bomb. After deciding where it would be you would throw up your two swords and in midair you grab the swords and stab the ground. Once they hit the ground a circle of waves would surround you and they would spread out (not that far because if it went far it would be op.) It would damage any enemy that was in the area of effect. (kind of like a poison effect just weak.) The closer the enemy is to you when you use this move would do more damage. aka farther = lower damage closer = more damage.

Another class I believe should be considered is the Shadow Assassin. It would be like Shadow Hunter but would use dual daggers (really want a class with dual daggers) and the stat most items would have would be ATK SPEED and ATK this class would have low HP. I've wanted this class for a while now because having a shadow assassin would be a fun character to play. The moves I would want it to have would be
Rightclick = a trap kind of like shadow hunter. DMG only, not AOE just 1 enemy. (to make sure it doesn't become op.)
1 = throws daggers at enemy or object and, like the lunar lancer brings you toward the daggers.
2 = Turns into a shadow form of you, being able to run quick, an ATK speed and ATK increase and no enemy would be able able to detect you for that period of time. If you click 2 again you're able to send out a burst of black (for shadow). This removes your 2 ability (until cooldown is done of course), but deals a fine amount of DMG

Thanks for reading! Any changes to the class ARE allowed if you believe this class is to OP (I thought it was myself and I haven't even tried it, but who knows). Please consider of this idea into the game.
Note: Just Realized I put in New Class not New Classes Srry everyone :D
Credits to cookiejeff and Nichoromo < - Me

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Wrong place for this thread
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