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04-26-2016, 09:50 PM
Time: Since the Gunner came out, I assume.
Context: Passive says one thing, but then refuses to do the thing.
Expected: If I deal damage while airborn, I fall slowly.
Observed: Charged Shot never pings the effect to fall slowly.
Repro Steps: >be a gunner >be in air >let loose a Charged Shot of any form at an enemy >deal damage with said shot >fall down to be hit by mobs

Further Context:
The passive reads:

While in the air, dealing damage to enemies decreases the speed of the Gunslinger' descent. Dealing damage can caused the next Charged Shot to be full power without any charging time.
And this is all fine and dandy, the only problem is that dealing damage with ANY form of the Charged Shot does NOT activate the 'Slow Fall' effect of his passive, be it a free Charged Shot from the passive, from his new Class Gem, or any level of manually Charged Shot. While the 'free shot' effect triggers as intended on all damage except that caused by a 'free shot', for obvious reasons.

Previously this was not an issue, I have known this since only a day or so after I first got the gunslinger about a year ago, but firing a free Charged Shot while above enemies only interrupts your stream of bullets momentarily and you are able to keep afloat off of the normal shots that hit enemies before and after the free Charged Shot.

Now however, with the addition of this lovely new Class Gem, the gunslinger shoots a stream Charged Shot's for the duration instead of normal shot.
This is great, especially after you guys changed it to match the longer duration of the updated Run and Gun skill, and increased the modifier for the Atk Speed to .75 from .5.
But now I am having to jump on the spot above enemies for 10 seconds while the move takes it's course and to be honest it really detracts from the whole "Raining Death from Above" vibe you usually get while playing a Gunner effectively.

That's it, that's the total of my bug report.
If this could be fixed sometime in the near future I'd be blown away, and so will my enemies <3

As a side note, the descriptive text on the 'Overchanged' Class Gem lacks any mention of the reduced Atk Speed when using the move. Obviously not as much of an issue, but I thought I'd mention it anyway :)

04-27-2016, 12:17 AM
Thanks for the report Thaldor! I've created a bug report for our QA team to investigate. Please keep an eye on the patch notes for any upcoming fixes.

04-27-2016, 02:19 AM
Patch notes are some of my favourite light reading.

Thanks for the quick response, Hesk.