View Full Version : Bugs that I found (Minors)

04-25-2016, 01:42 PM
Liked Worlds Text bug.

The text written inside the button is (in my opinion) a code use by the devs. Well anyways, its not align well.

Damage Text Bug.

Some number on the damage text disappear faster than the others.

This photo explains it.

This is when it completely disappear.

Portal bugs (VFX and Description)

At some camera angle, the 'U' in every portal disappear. Also the description of u8 (and maybe also u9) gives the wrong info about the fragments that can be looted.


Dungeon Bug

This only happen on the 3star dungeon in medieval highlands where the 1star quest indication have a very small range and sometimes wrongly positioned.

In this photo, you can see that the quest indicator is visible.

but when I move a little, its gone. (it wont give me xp when its done and im not in range)

Next, in this photo, if I stand in the area when the yellow circle cover. I get a quest indicator 'Activate the cursed skull', but there is no cursed skull in the area. (Sorry I thought I took a SS on this part, I ended up pressing the wrong button)


and I manage to find that missing cursed skull, and there is no quest indicator.


04-26-2016, 11:51 PM
In response to the Dungeon Bug:
The quest zones for that dungeon/lair have been bugged forever, who knows if they will ever fix it.

I think it would also be worth noting for the Dev's if you are a Windows or Mac user.

Also, I think the Dev's should note the decoration items missing from almost all of the above pictures, and yet some of their effects remaining (eg. the flames from torches while the torches themselves are absent), this is what happens whenever you take a screenshot using F12 with the steam overlay.
Seriously not okay. All my screenshots are ugly.