View Full Version : Tome XP gain still on old XP values

04-22-2016, 06:21 AM

When upgrading my legendary tome, the XP gain is still on the old value (ex. 1 star dunge in uber 6 would give 1650 xp per dungeon so the tome would get 1650 xp pre MoP).

Whereas now, a 1 star dungeon in uber 6 is worth 4050 xp but the tome is still only getting 1650 xp.

Its understandable if the devs don't want the tomes to be filled extreme fast with the higher XP values, but can we at least keep it consistent, increase the XP required to fill the tome if you want to slow that progression down. Its making it harder to keep track of how the tome is doing with the inconsistent values.