View Full Version : PvP Trophy Kill dates don't follow Server Time

04-20-2016, 11:12 PM
Time: Around 1:30 AM EDT, 4/21/2016 (Wednesday, 10:30 PM according to server)
Context: Inside my own PVP Battle Arena in my club.
Expected: Trophy drops to display the kill date as interpreted by the server, e.g. this trophy to be 4/20/2016 due to Wednesday bonus being active rather than Thursday.
Observed: Received a 4/21/2016 trophy (Thursday) rather than a Wednesday 4/20/2016 trophy.
Repro Steps: Make PvP kills on a player very late into the day.
Screenshots: No

I will update this with more information as I test this out.

Since it pops up as Thursday's date when Welcome screen says Wednesday, that leads me to believe that trophy kill dates are not related to what day it is in regards to server's time, and are instead based on another factor.

The only other factor that we have control over is local machine date/time, so I have asked guild mates to come kill me 1v1 with their own dates set forward, and mine set backwards in time.