View Full Version : Issue in market

04-17-2016, 02:43 AM
Time: Since market was released

Context: When i was hunting for mastery i came over this issue that if I open market and select Item Type: Mount and click the "Hide collected" box no mounts shows up for me, even though there are several mounts on the market that I have not yet collected.
For example, I can find my uncollected mount Bone Throne but only if I change "Item Type" to "Any"
When i tried to find out why this happens i saw one thing all my non-collected mounts have in common- their title doesn't say "Mount:" in their title. I do not know if this is relevant to the issue tho, looks like regular centaur has "Mount:" in his title but still don't show up when item type: Mount is selected

Excpected: When I select Item type: Mount EVERY mount should show up in market

Observed: Only certain mounts show up under the mount category in the market. A few examples of mounts that doesnt show as mounts in market: Appeased Dream Gobbler, Ol' Chomper, Bone Throne, Throne of Dark Spirits, Regular Centaur

Repro steps: Open market -> Select "Item Type: Mount" -> Click the box "Hide collected"->Search

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/k6YGIV1