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02-02-2015, 07:19 PM
<B>Arriving on 2/3/15!</B>

* The Power Pack now unlocks Wings of the Phoenix when purchased! All previous purchasers have been awarded their wings. Stay tuned for a full wing release coming next week!

With this, wings are now available for an early preview one week ahead of the Take Flight update! Once you've equipped your wings, you can use them by holding down the jump key. Press forward to dive, press back to stall, and press nothing to glide like an eagle.

* You may now toggle "do not disturb" mode by using /dnd. While active, any players that attempt to whisper, friend, club invite, or request a join will be automatically rejected with a message saying you do not wish to be disturbed.
* Pair O’ Dice, bordered blocks, and sign recipes can now be used from the inventory once more.
* You can now store untradable items in your personal chest.
* Implemented some server optimizations.
* Fixed a bug that could cause /ignore to not block ignored player's whispers until relogging.
* Fixed a bug where you sometimes moved at mounted speed while unmounted upon entering a world.
* Fixed a bug causing skull totems to be destructable.

* The Gunslinger's instant Charged Shot procs now cost 0 energy.
* Mounts now trample grass.

* The contents of the Chaos Chest have been randomized!

* The Extra Life ally, James Joystick, now provides more Jump.
* Fixed bug where allies block interactions with objects when they stand between your crosshairs and the object.
* The raptor ally on-kill effects (health gain and movement speed) now function properly.

* The fjords in Frigga's Fjord now have deeper water! Must be all that constant rain...

* The music in the starting zone of adventure worlds should now be fixed.

* The Folded Fortune hairstyle should now sit properly on characters' heads.
* Opening boxes is now more exciting.
* Terrain chunks now fade into view instead of 'popping'. Terrain fades into sky at a slightly further distance.
* Rain now splatters on contact with water.
* Certian punchbot allies will now animate properly.

* The Tundra Thresher, a new mount, is now craftable!
* Fixed a bug where adding recipes to a deconstructor didn't yield blank scrolls.
* Fixed a bug where some recipes couldn't be deconstructed.
* Robot Part costs for Neon City decor recipes have been reduced to 1 across the board.

* Increased the chances that Shadow Arenas and dungeons will select a single class to do double damage!

* New hairstyles by Aviarei and Subtitles have been added to the game
* New face styles by orcamig, Zoe, Walyn, MediocrityGoggles, and Uberzolik have been added to the game!
* New hat styles by EkVitki, Afalach, Ryuuktsu, Minibot and MiszterSoul have been added to the game!
* New pistols styles by Floretha and GadgetCAT have been added to the game! New staff styles by Battlebug, Kukui, and ZeakStarwind have been added to the game!
* New melee weapon styles by Karokendo, Sentium, Zeeg, Zodriac, ForJagler, Turtlenade, AllieCat, RoflGofl, Blindside, Miredirex, and Seral have been added to the game!
* New pistol styles by MrTuffnStuff, Marotovski, Floretha, Petrafied, goreae, Aceship, Rofflesia, MAXXXX91, Imnooby, MiszterSoul, Sadsoda, JstaNrmlGmr have been added to the game!
* New melee weapon styles by DestinyXPenguin, CrimsonBlaze, Tyhler, Nomeneta, nolanvoid, Bateias, Screamheart, Aesolas, Erudito, Rokiux, Ibosh, Fhilian, ClydeSketch, _WolF_, Shjohn, Mrfondle, RainbowKing, Turtlenade, squid9987, LOLpistachioNuts, Zacyia, Stedms, InfineonJ, AquaDeer, BryAngel, Rietz, BenjaminKiswanto, Zoe, Leeon, Mot, Khang, BrandNewKitchen, Cretoriani, Wellfox, Floretha, CheezeDonut, Pikmin, Mind, Suni_Shinobi, RemnantDrive, LeonSteamhawk, and RedMaster531 have been added to the game!