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10-14-2014, 02:00 PM
* Shadow's Eve is here!* The hub has been redecorated* A new pinata is now in the store* A new mag rider is now in the store* Pumpkins can now be grown* Pumpkin lairs are now in the peaceful biomes* Candy corn now drops from Shadow Arenas for the holiday* Shadow keys now cost an additional 20 fragments* Shadow keys are now 400 Credits on the store or 900 for three.* There is now a small chance to get a pinata helm if you're the person who throws a pinata * The person who throws a pinata now has double the chance to get a mount from it * Helms are now worth 10 mastery points* Database improvements to address rollbacks* Fixing bug where world tooltips aren't rendered properly when the entire UI is hidden. * Fixing bug where client sometimes doesn't rejoin user created channels upon login if the user wasn't in Global. * Fixing an issue where some players received a purchase failure message every time they changed worlds. * Neon City recipe lairs should now correctly drop Neon City recipes. Thanks, Zenahk! * Fixed a bug that could cause a Neon Ninja to be unable to attack after activating Final Technique while in stealth. * Loading screens now display a status. * You can now strike a /pose * You can no longer join Shadow Arena worlds with /joinworld * The robot arena and robot assault quest that were failing due to an unspawned NPC should now be fixed. * Added mastery rank 51-55 * Significantly reduced cost for early crafting stations * The bottle plant recipe now costs and additional 2 primal flames * Fixed "Failed to loot item due to full inventory" message appearing when inventory is not full

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