View Full Version : Trove 8bit Love Review and a look at Neon Ninja

Scion Storm
10-14-2014, 05:07 AM
Trove and Neon Ninja Fun Review (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0KGq_6_U6k)

I had to change my thoughts on this game. I gave it a really bad rap. Because I hate Minecraft big time. But for some reason I have a lot of fun in this game. And it's hard to really review something that's meant to be 8bit looking.

The game is very much a adventure. You start out in a tutorial world. It's designed to get you used to the basics going forward. Once your out of there you end up in the Hub world. This is where you can see other peoples creations. And other characters, team up, trade items, and change your class.

In the beginning you just have Knight and Gunner to use. But after a few days of dailies and log in's. You can afford to buy the other classes. In this video I start with Knight but later changed to Neon Ninja.


A large world to have mutliple adventures in
Ability to build and climb anywhere
Mindless fun it's refreshing
As you get higher the game gets more challenging. So nice scaling is involved.
Player made items drop as loot.
Housing can pretty much be anything you can think of

I would like trade skills to be explained a little better. Most times you have no idea where to get things. Outside of getting a online guide. In my opinion if you need to use something outside of the game. The game itself isn't doing a good job for information.

I would like to see more questing believe it or not.

Also would like to see a cheesey 8bit story lol...

I would like to see more mob diversity


Again I was like wtf is this when I loaded it. Now i stream it and have fun. So it's a lesson don't always judge games until you actually play them. Even after all this time gaming. I still need to be reminded of that. And with that said I think this will be a fun game in the future. Casuals and tradeskill people will like it. And people who miss the Zelda days and a challenge may find a home here.