View Full Version : Avarem: Upcoming store changes

01-28-2016, 06:40 PM
Avarem you are forgetting the communities in other countries like Brazil in my case. Are many players who go face a super valued dollar . And high prices . that with the price of 2 months of patron buys a physical media game. (60 reais) , then I ask for a special attention in this change and so make it harder to achieve cubits not stopping buying classes and items with him . or that patron is not more exchangeable . For if not trove had been unplayable for us. I think that speaks for large communities of other countries outside the US ."Sorry my bad english" Ty I know for many that offering on the Steam front page can help with this as well, and we're looking at options for that. We're also keeping an eye on the in-game economy. In some cases adding more in-game chase can drive up the demand for it and drive down the cost of store items in the player marketplace.

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