View Full Version : Chromatic Cumulus Edition - 1/21/2016

01-20-2016, 06:12 PM


New Chaos Chest loot! Including the new Neon Swathcutter!
Double PvP XP bonus week!

Game Updates

You are now notified on login when you have sold listings to claim in the Marketplace.
Items left in Community Chests will be lost when the world is unloaded (please don’t use Community Chests for storage).
If your character logs out in a Club World it’ll still be in the Club World when logging in again.
Adventure Box drop rate has been reduced.
The default keybind for the Cornerstones menu is the letter I (sounds like eye).
Added input mapping to take screenshots. Default key is F12.
You can now type '/acceptallfriends' to accept all pending friend requests.
The friends list should now sort properly.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Fae Trickster bug where you could teleport through or get stuck inside of one-block-sized gaps.
Revenant's radiant weapon aura position has been corrected.
Fixed bug where Neon Ninja's ultimate would sometimes never end.
Fixed bug where Fae Trickster's Blink ability didn't trigger if you were too close to a wall.
Fixed a bug where Choloromancer's flowers could teleport through walls while growing
Fix bug where rebinding some hotkeys did not work on non-QWERTY keyboards.
Fixed occasional terraforming crash
Fixed bug where the VFX created by the Revenant's Bulwark Bash never disappeared
Fixed bug where the wrong floor is highlighted in the Shadow Tower UI when all floors have been completed.
Fixed bug where you sometimes teleported into a wall when joining another player.
Fix issue with some users getting stuck and "Received User Acknowledgement" when they logged out in a Tutorial or Adventure world.
Some mysterious rectangles in various effects were missed in last week's fix. They have now been eliminated.

03:13 PM, January 21, 2016 - The ability to change ally styles will be added in the patch next week. Sorry for the confusion.