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10-13-2014, 09:15 AM
Hello and welcome to our page!
The corps of adventure are a small group made up of levels 6-17 currently, but we accept lower. We encourage use of our facilities and usually have daily dungeon runs and maybe we'll have a SA scheduled soon. Here are our benefits:
-We are a NEWgroup! Don't expect us to be the ultimate adventure force.
-We currently have: Training for melee (Ranged in construction) a blue house of utilities, a bunker (Idk why, my brother Terratonic made it), we have 3 biomes (Medieval highlands, peaceful hills and dester frontier)
-We will soon have a club castle or whatever,
-We are well-rounded (We have half melee and half ranged I believe)
Knight level:
Gunslinger level:
Neon Ninja level:
Fae trickster level:
Candy barbarian level (Only for when it is released):
What would you like to do in this club? (*Building, **Shadow key holder, Adventurer):
*= You will be moderated before you gain full privileges
**= Opens SA portals and crafts keys

---Additional info------------
You can join our dungeon runs or SA raids to test us out before you join (Try before you buy!)
In constant need of infinium
You must be active. We understand if you were grounded and such, but please try to be on at least 3 days a week at minimum.

10/12/14 Buhguul has left because he thinks we blamed him for the griefing of 10/11/14 (We'd love to have you back)
10/11/14 We were griefed
10/11/14 I founded this group for my brother

Simone- Leader
Terratonic ''Terra''- Main Officer
Calccegos ''Cal''- Architect
Themagicmangoo (First joiner!) ''Magic''-Architect
D3th10rd ''D3th''-Member
Addyman ''Addy''-Member
I can''t seem to find the ones I took.
I hope you join! :cool:

10-13-2014, 06:43 PM
Addy left. Sigh.