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12-06-2015, 12:06 AM
Poor rn (and terrible luck =.= ) so like almost no S4 rings
There'll be more later tho !

-------------- = none in stock

-----#------- = # in stock

S2 Rings:

Let me know if you want one = 200 flux each

S3 Rings:

--Physical Dmg--

MF --------3-------- 2k
CH ---------4--------- 1.5k
Jump --------------- 1.5k
HR----------2--------- 2k
ER ----------2--------- 2.5k
STB------------------ 1.5k

--Magical Dmg--

MF ----------------- 2k
CH ------------------ 1.5k
Jump -------------- 1.5k
HR------------------- 1.5k
ER ------------------- 2.5k
STB------------------ 1.5k

--Maximum Health--

MF --------1--------- 2k
CH ----------------- 1.5k
Jump --------------- 1.5k
HR---------2--------- 2.5k
ER ------------------- 1.5k
STB--------1--------- 1.5k

S4 Rings:

--Physical Dmg--

HR--------1-------- 35k

IGN: Techon3

/w me in game is probably the best way to reach me
I forget to check forums sometimes >_>

12-06-2015, 04:25 AM
I would like to buy some s2 rings if you have any of with these stats:


ign: LoliconLyfe