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01-15-2015, 09:33 AM
Updated: 1/21/2015

Hey folks, Jaqyl here, that guy with the Super Mario Minions cornerstone.

Peruse through what I have listed for sale below and whisper me in game with what you're after.
I will check this thread but, only intermittently.

As flux substitutes I will accept the following …
Infinium 1:1f
Shapestone 3:1f
Shadow Keys 1:150f

Rings, Gear and Mounts may be negotiable with flux/trade combo offers, /w Jaqyl in game with your offer.
Recipes and Misc items are a set price.


Biome/Event Recipes 1:100f - Current Stock:
Candoria, Permafrost, Neon, Frontier, Fae, Turkeyfest, Snowfest

Stock will vary, I will try to keep the list in this post current.
Whisper me if you need a biome not on this list, it may be in stock.

Block Recipes - 1:200f - Current Stock:
Glowing Dark Red|Blue
Glowing Pink
Glass Red|Green|Turquoise
Metallic White|Rust Orange|Dark Orange


Rudolf Raptor - 8000f
Magic Carpet - 6500f
Snug Snowman - 3000f
Laden Sleigh - 2000f

Snowfest Mystery Box - 1:100f
Chestnuts - 1:4f
Tentacles 1:70f
Bulbs - 2.5:1f

[Gear Stat Abbreviation Key]
MD - Magic Damage
PD - Physical Damage
ER - Energy Regen
HR - Health Regen
HP - Maximum Health
%HP - % Maximum Health
JP - Jump
AS - Attack Speed
KB - Knockback
ST - Stability
MF - Magic Find
LM - Lasermancy

Star roll of stats will be denoted after the stat like so 16JP**
Stats on gear will be separated by a vertical bar like so %HP|HP|MS|AS.

Shadow Rings

1* Magic Damage Shadow Rings - 1:250f
1* on Magic Damage or Secondary Stat (MF, ER, HR, JP).
Stock varies, /w Jaqyl which stat combo you need and which stat gets the star.

2* Magic Damage Shadow Rings
533MD|83ER** - 2000f
845MD**|4JP - 2000f
645MD*|9JP* - 2000f
527MD|16JP** [-] 520MD|16JP** - 2000f
847MD**|610HR [-] 843MD**|489HR - 2000f
623MD|1178HR** [-] 598MD|1146HR** [-] 572MD|1166HR** [-] 504MD|1173HR** - 1500f
847MD**|151KB - 500f
850MD**|155ST [-] 842MD**|161ST [-] 840MD**|164ST [-] 840MD**|160ST - 500f

3* Magic Damage Shadow Rings
845MD**|9JP* - SOLD
631MD*|1180HR** - 3000f
850MD**|170KB* [-] 847MD**|169KB* [-] 843MD**|168KB* - 2000f
843MD**|170ST* - 750f

Shadow Gear

Forged25 Shadow
6* Staff - 1013MD**|96ER**|16JP**|8AS - SOLD
6* Staff - 1013MD**|1690HP**|1359HR**|14AS - 6000f
6* Hat - 50%HP**|2581HP**|1344HR**|14AS - SOLD
5* Hat - 50%HP**|1929HP*|632HR|23AS** - 3500f
6* Face - 322PD**|2573HP**|1328HR**|2MS - 4500f
6* Face - 323MD**|1228HP|1355HR**|14MS** - SOLD

You Forge It Shadow Kits!
These are Pearled Forged[9-12] Shadow Gear with a minimum of 5 stars. The result of rolling for personal gear and stopping at 5* or more. Rather than invest the flux to make them Forged25 I offer them at a discount to savvy buyers. The Flux-to-Max[25] cost of forging from 9-12 is 1400-1235f (see here) as such these items are priced a minimum of 1500f lower than their Forged25 versions.

6* Staff - MD**|ER**|AS**|JP - SOLD
6* Staff - MD**|HP**|ER**|HR - 4250f
6* Staff - MD**|ER**|MS**|JP - 4250f
6* Staff - MD**|ER**|HP**|JP - 4250f
7* Staff - MD*|ER**|JP**|AS** - SOLD
5* Face - MD**|HP|HR*|AS** - SOLD
5* Face - %HP**|HP|MS*|AS** - 2000f
5* Face - ST*|HP**|HR|AS** - 2000f
5* Face - PD*|HP*|HR**|AS* - 2000f

01-15-2015, 01:24 PM
Hey, Ill buy the 845MD**|9JP* shadow ring ,can we negotiate? :3

01-15-2015, 04:08 PM
Hey, ill buy some frontier scrolls. I will be on soon

01-15-2015, 08:34 PM
EDIT: Nevermind this post, I got what I wanted from a friend. So consider this as a friendly bump.

01-21-2015, 09:13 AM
Updated with new Shadow Gear and a few sales.

01-21-2015, 07:10 PM
I'm interested in your Glowing pink recipe and perhaps a few others, please whisper me in game Cragzies