View Full Version : Selling Chaos Chests

11-03-2015, 08:13 AM
Before i get into the details of my selling the chaos chests id like to say that i cant help but fell like this radiant steed thing is a trion troll on double loot week we were all pretty disappointed to see chaos butterfly wings as top loot but then shortly after found out cotton was in rotation trion is very aware that radiant steed is already cheap as hell so i feel like this is one big troll but thats just my opinion as for the chaos chests

Selling 500 Chaos Chests 1:1700

i will take item offers and will make some bargains if you buy alot :D

post in here and when servers are back up ill pm you @Elegies in game

11-03-2015, 08:19 AM
or you could save them until the rotation has a good top drop.