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01-12-2015, 08:00 PM
-- Rename tag 5k <WTB> (BOUGHT)

-- x49 Snowfest Suprise 1:50f 2450F, <WTS>
-- x28 Robotic Salvages 1:15.2f, 453.6 <WTS>
-- x1 Laden Sleigh 2K, <WTS>
-- x8 Resolute Redsnouts 500f each, <WTS>
-- x7 Winter Wardens 500f each, x8 Frigid Fiend 500f each <WTS>
-- x1 Perfect prism 250f
-- x144 Rich Fertillizer 1:1 (SOLD)

IGN: Colgate

01-12-2015, 11:58 PM
Price updated

*Rename tag 4K to 5K
*x1 Laden Sleigh 1.4K to 1.5K to 1.8K to 2K
*x28 Robotic Salvages 1:16.2f, to 1:15.2
*x8 Resolute Redsnouts 600f to 500f
*7 Winter Wardens 600f each to 500f
* x8 Frigid Fiend 600f each to 500f