View Full Version : WTS Keys, Recipes, Pearls, Prisms / WTB Eyes, Bones

01-11-2015, 05:33 AM
Here goes the complete list of WTS and WTB, with more keys and new additions.
IGN: Ridelith

Want to Sell

[180f ea] (fixed price)
6x Shadow Keys - **SOLD**

[Offer me!]
1x Pearl of Wisdom - **SOLD**
2x Perfect Prism

[200f ea]
1x Metallic Rust Orange
1x Green Glass
1x Pink Glass
1x Glowing White
1x Blue Glass
1x Glowing Orange
1x Glowing Cyan

[50f ea]
6x Neon Recipe - **SOLD**
4x Candoria Recipe - **SOLD**
3x Dragonfire Recipe
6x Permafrost Recipe - **SOLD**
3x Highlands Recipe - **SOLD**
2x Fae Recipe - **SOLD**
3x Frontier Recipe - **SOLD**
1x Cursed Recipe - **SOLD**

Want to Buy

Eyes - 5f each.
200x Bleached Bone - 550f for all of them

01-11-2015, 09:13 AM
Bump, currently online.