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10-27-2015, 07:28 AM
As we all know, the mooning craze has ended. The skeleton dragon will reign for another, depressing, stressful month, then leave, just like the moonwing before it. I am proposing- If one would accept a lvl 3 shadow weapon and many miscellaneous items(including a golden shell sail), then you have done thy fellow man a favor. I will be able to earn things at my own pace, and not frantically try to get the souls every day.
Price mathematics:
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul(4k Flux) + Golden Seashell Sail(1k Flux) + 1k(Twice-Forged Soul) = 5k Flux Divided by 9 = 666(666 Per Soul)
it's close to these day's prices for Moonwing Souls on the market.
It would take a bit longer, but i might be able to get you a pent-forged if the above isn't good enough(Can't get it right now, however, as the game is down).

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10-27-2015, 10:20 AM
add me. IGN: theycallmedaddy

when game comes up we can talk about the best for our interest


10-27-2015, 10:20 AM
Check PM's.