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10-21-2015, 07:47 AM
Dark Jack is the pumpkin head decoration. The same used in the hub:


You can find it in the marketplace with THE BEST price in the Trove market, but as i only have 1 selling slot, it is 10 units for 4000 flux, but you can ask for another quantity in the comments.

Price table
Less than 10 units: 500 flux each
10 or more: 400 flux each
15 or more: 350 flux each

That is your chance to build a pumpkin house made of actual pumpkin heads.
Coming soon: pumpkin helmet.

Leave your nick in the comments and I enter in contact, or you can leave your order with quantity so i can have everything ready for you when i log in. That way I can place the order in the marketplace so you can buy it whenever you want (after i read the comment, of course), without the need to enter in contact with me.

My in-game name is Exy.

See ya