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10-12-2015, 06:50 PM

I am buying it for 246 Chaos Chests and 26 Stacks of flux + 1000 Flux.

(Chaos Chests = 3K. Flux total is 261,000)
246 Chaos Chests total.

Evidence showing that I do have the chests + Flux


If you wish to trade, You can see that I actually bought chaos coin already before, (2 Chaos Factor, Or you can assume I unboxed one if you do not wish to take my word on it), And I have the flux (more than enough), and the chaos chests there.

I will request to have the chaos coin given on the first trade (I will be placing all of the chests and all of the flux I can fit in it), then after that trade is finished, I shall retrade you even more flux until I paid you off fully. May even add extra for going first.

If required, I will used a highly known forum member as a middleman of my choice.

If you wish to do the trade right away, That would be awesome and create a faster result :)

I created a few mods for this game and I plan on continuing the process of doing so, So I would also be able to build up a reputation by doing this :D.

Thank you for reading!

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IGN: HotShotChicago