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10-09-2015, 06:31 PM
Hello all Trovians it is Popura here!

As many of you might have known, my Hard Mode DoTM Service thread has been closed down and there were question in regards of whether it is legit or legal. This post is to strictly clear up that misunderstanding and provide some insights.

The thread in question is:

As per my communication with Avarem the thread was closed for the following reason:
-Offering/Selling something which isn't physically tradable. Same thing as trading codes.

It is NOT as per Tyrannos's statement where a glitch or exploit that was used.

Now to answer the question as to how I do all of this SOLO, I will at least provide some insight to clear my reputation and keep the hater/salty out of bay. The following tactic is strictly for Week 4 Hard Mode DoTM SA's:

-SA 1, Use a knight to knockback the mobs into the Lava. (5-8 minutes)
-SA 2, Use Fae to take out Wave 1 Fairy then swap to Tomb to clear the rest of the waves. (45-1hour based on RNG)
-SA 3 and 4, Use Lava to kill the mobs. (5 minutes)

DoTM itself:
Phase 1: (Depending on my mood)
-Boomeranger tank, dodge and slap with recovery ally.
-Fae/Ice Sage kite DPS
Phase 2:
Boomeranger tank, dodge charge shot and slap with recovery ally.
-Ice Sage tank and DPS
Phase 3:
-Boomeranger tank, dodge 1shot cleave and slap with recovery ally.
-Ice Sage/Fae Kite DPS
Phase 4:
-Fae kite DPS or Ice Sage half kite DPS.

Thus I would hope the community will release their apprehension towards me, the brokers I work with and mostly, the clients I value so much who has supported me. The service is just not permit-able to be advertised on forums. And frankly, I'm not sure really if I should continue using the closed thread to relay the FAQs. And do hope someone will enlighten me on that matter.

I hope this clears up the most of the question. If you wish to take part in the service, please contact me directly as it is no longer possible to post such things on forums. Thank you.


10-09-2015, 06:33 PM
popura is awesome


10-09-2015, 06:36 PM
Never suspected you, I've seen you on a ts3 server multiple times discussing strats on how to clear really fast, you're legit afaik ^.^