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10-01-2015, 06:44 PM
Hey Guys! Welcome to my post! "Road to 100" 100 mastery right? Well no! 100 Adventure Boxes!

Yeah, so you guys already know this week is "Adventure box week" and I have been trying to put time into getting some of these, cause I have tons of Homework.

So there are 2 options!

1st option: Sell any Adventure Box to me for 100F or atleast less than 350F, But at the moment I am low on flux, FLUX: 2000 - I Believe

2nd option: offer them to me for free, like set aside 1 or 2 for me, but this will be a rare option since most of you want the currency on the game, But I gave an option and here it is. I would appreciate anyone who picks this option :)

IGN: Coopertow

Thanks for reading :)
and thanks for all your help community :P
P.S: I like using big words it makes me feel cool :D

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Pls someone jus sai hi!