View Full Version : WTB || Assortment of items, materials, etc. WTS Fish

10-01-2015, 12:30 PM
Looking to buy

Wild Cupcakes (500) - offer
Bleached Bones (400) - offer
Heart Of Darkness (10) - 7k
Treasure Isles Allies
Graduate Qubesly -100f
Chef Qubesly - 100f
PatrolMan Qubesly -100f
Fireman Qubesly -100f
Builder Qubesly -100f

Gunslinger Qubesly - 500f
Neon Ninja Qubesly - 500f

TigerRaptor Pup - 500f
Fae Drakeling - 500f

Want to Sell
Radiant Corona- 4k
Radiant Dawnfish - 2.5k
Radiant Moonfish - 6k

/w Blahofstars

Captain Pawnch
10-03-2015, 06:46 AM
Hello I'd like to buy a Radiant Moonfish for 6k