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12-28-2014, 05:56 PM

Current Status: Still Recruiting!

What Are We?
We're a club dedicated to helping players level, and we run players through dungeons. We run at least 3 Shadow Arenas a day. We have two biomes in our Club World, and we're still expanding. We are focused on the Club World and helping players advance through the game as of right now.

We Offer You the Opportunity to:

♦ Socialize with other players
♦ We offer you help and we answer questions
♦ Gear/Loot Runs
♦ Shadow Arenas
♦ Ore Runs
♦ Diverse Club World
♦ Club World Events


How do I join?
All players are welcome! We welcome all levels, although we don't accept trolls or immature players.
/w Kazkade Can I join the club?