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12-28-2014, 03:43 AM
I'm buying the following recipes, also willing to trade if you still need any.
Also, if you happen to have something similiar to what's on my recipe list, message me anyway, since I'm not too sure about the correct Recipe collection names.
PM me ingame or leave a message here. IGN: Charis

Hanging Mistletoe Ball, Mystery Gift, Praline Pudding

Medieval Highlands:
Large Leek Sprout, Planted Patches Set, Bonsai Set,
Window Crossbar, Planter Set, Hedge Section, Tansu Set, Plain Pane Window,
Cabinets Set, Cornucopia, Standing Fountain, Peaceful Artisanal Pond, Blick-a-Block Table,
Artsy Easel, Comfy Green Armchair, Island Sunset Painting, Zippy Zebra, Window Set,
Sunset Egg, Connexels Game

Desert Frontier:

Fae Wilds:
Navy Bed, Hedge Set

Undead Hills:
Dusky Bed, Plum Bed, Model Crypt, Coffin Set, Ghastly Trickster Gnome,
Hanging Moss Set, Deathly Landscape, Cursed Banner, Imp Minion, Crypt Pedestal, Bone Lamp

Neon City:
Robo-Beatbox, Disblock Board

Sea of Tranquility:
Model Galley, Smooth Sailing

The same recipes in alphabetical order (in case it actually helps :3 )

Artsy Easel

Blick-a-Block Table
Bone Lamp
Bonsai Set

Cabinets Set
Coffin Set
Comfy Green Armchair
Connexels Game
Crypt Pedestal
Cursed Banner

Deathly Landscape
Disblock Board
Dusky Bed

Ghastly Trickster Gnome

Hanging Mistletoe Ball
Hanging Moss Set
Hedge Section
Hedge Set

Imp Minion
Island Sunset Painting

Large Leek Sprout

Model Crypt
Model Galley
Mystery Gift

Navy Bed

Peaceful Artisanal Pond
Plain Pane Window
Planted Patches Set
Planter Set
Plum Bed
Praline Pudding


Smooth Sailing
Standing Fountain
Sunset Egg

Tansu Set

Window Crossbar
Window Set

Zippy Zebra

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