View Full Version : Little Shop of Horrors and Deals

09-26-2015, 03:41 AM
Tundra Thunderer 85k
Neon Nightcycle 50k
Tundra Thresher 10k
Overlord Omniseat 45k
AriGato 55k
Chaos Hounds 35k
Sprinkles 45k
Truefire Phoenix 70k
Balefire Phoenix 70k
Winter Pinata 25k SOLD
Spring Pinata 25k SOLD

Chaotic Cruiser 95k
Chaotic Clipper 65k

Chaos Butterfly 65k
Bloodseeker 75k
Xero Line 75k

~Mag Riders~
Caskart 35k
Laden Sleigh 35k SOLD

Samantha 65k
Cotton Candy 150k

Spring Pinata Pinhead 5k

IGN: CiaoBambina
w/me or post your offers
Thanks and happy shopping!

09-26-2015, 04:11 AM
600flux for 200 mushrooms and 1000 for 200 steed feed

Oh and 1f:3glim