View Full Version : 12/20/14 - Bigger STream Giveaway EVAR & Game 1st Costume Contest!

12-23-2014, 09:20 AM
Title says it all... if you weren't there, you seriously missed out:

Winter Mounts x12
Pinata Mounts x4
Turkey Mounts x2
Holiday Mag Riders (Turkey, Snow/Winter) x6
Holiday hats and heads x18
Infinium PWN-E x1
More that I didn't track!

We ran U5s, we picked up scrolls, we goofed off, and I handed out all of the above and then some.

Still holding 100 pinata ponies for my goal of 100 channel/twitter followers... will you be the one to set off the next pony massacre?

Where: http://twitch.tv/phydra_trovian
When: Saturdays from 7-9pm PST (-8 GMT)
IGN: Phydra
Club: The Trove

Highlights of the fun available on channel! Hope to see you this Saturday!