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09-13-2015, 07:45 PM

-=-=Welcome to the =-=-
-=-YoonJae Fitness Shop-=-

WTT List
Cotton Candy for Dragon Crucible

WTB List
Alpha Benches 50k-100k (Depend on benches)
Dragon Crucible 120k
Runemaster's Record 100k
Fae Boughskimmer 60k
Tundra Thunderer 80k
Torches Taurus 80k
Class Coin 1:35k (need 3)
Credit 1:30

Steed Feed 1:5f
Bleached Bones 1:5 (as many as you have)
Shapestone 1:1 (as many as you have)
Cupcakes 1:5 (as many as you have)
Radiant Shards 1:2 (as many as you have)
Glacial Shards 1:3 (as many as you have)
Blank Scrolls 1:70f (400)
Chestnuts 1:20f (need 800)
Biome Recipes 1:100 (Except Dragonfire and Treasure Isle)
Season Recipes 1:500 (every season)

-=-WTS List-=-
Phoenix Box 40k each
Bento Box 10k each
S4 Ring PD/HR 55k Sold
Class Coin 75k Added

-=-Allies & Mounts-=-
Truefire Phoenix 85k Sold
Balefire Phoenix 95k Sold
Candy Cotton 200k

Molten Fury 65kSold
Blue&Pink Candy Barbarian 60k Restock
Dark Boomeranger 57k Restock
F43 Trickster 57k Restock
Ice Cold 35kRestock
Ice Cream Crusher 35kRestock
Shadow Disciple 55k Added
Reboot 55k Added
Acidic 60k Added
Bee Trickster 50k Added
Master of Commanding 35k

Wings of Darkest Night 55k
Chaos Butterfly 65k

SS Dragonic 95k SOLD
Chaostic Cruiser 130k SOLD

Non atm

IGN: Yoonjaessi
or My Co-Worker IGN: Vietz

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