View Full Version : WTS and WTB a few things

09-08-2015, 11:38 PM
WTS: Eyes of Q 20k@1:5f/
Twice Forge 1@900f/
Thrice Forge 9@1:5kf/
Red/green manta ray 2@1:2.5kf/
Shadow keys 69@1:400f/
Spring pin head 2@1:3kf/
Shadow cache 8@1:650f/
Ancient scale 1@450f/
Diggsly 6@1:830f/
Mount: Truefire Phoenix @100kf

WTB: Patron pass 100kf
dancepad 45kf
soaring flamefish (offer)
chocodile (offer)
ancient chocolurker (offer)
reef liquoral (offer)
mystery costume box (offer)
lunar ronin costume (25kf)

Thanks for looking
IGN: Ojay1