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12-18-2014, 06:38 AM
Yo! My name is Konjan, the leader of Brave Soleil!

Brave Soleil is a club that has been around since closed beta started, and specializes in SAs, Recipe Hunting, and powerlevelling our comrades. However, in the last few months, we have become increasingly inactive, and are now accepting new members into our midst.

By far our proudest achievement, is our club world, "Solar Sanctuary", which was even showcased in November Trove Wonders! As such, I am searching for active players, and talented, trustworthy builders, to help me rekindle my club! (Note; you won't get build rights unless I trust you)

So, if you would like to join our sunny club, message me in game, IGN: Konjan, or post a comment on this post! (I'm Australian, so I'm only on AEST, which is likely different than your playtime)

Thanks! And see you ingame.

Our Club world;


12-18-2014, 11:00 PM
For those who wish to see the world, but not join the club, our world ID is; 5553165730788089899

You can use this with the command /joinworld [ID]