View Full Version : Miner for hire

12-14-2014, 04:50 AM
Not everyone has the time to flatten their world to make space for a beautiful city, well I do, So if you want a cleared space in your club world, write here!

The prices will vary depending on how much there is to dig, and how much time I have.
What is for definite is: I keep what I mine and the reward has to be in any of these:
block recipes ( they all account for 200 flux)
if it's a big area, mounts (not Sebastian and Stormy)

You yourself decide what you pay me in, but if (for example) you offer me a recipe I have, or 2 exact same mounts I can decline.

All you need to do is post here, with your IGN and club ID.( preferably when you're online)
I will come, you will explain how much or where to mine, I set a price, we go on from there.

No sure if this is a good idea. but it took a friend some time to flatten a biome, so I think others might like this type of service.:confused::confused::confused: