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08-24-2015, 12:10 PM
Common Raptor Allies:
- Cloudy
- Rusty
- Sunspot
- Blue
Uncommon Raptor Allies:
- Tigerraptor
Shadow Key:
- 4 Shadow Keys
- 4k Key Fragments

- Robot Salvage
- Sunlight Bulbs
- Mushroom Chunks
- Common Cat Mount: Meownt

I'm taking offers on everything above, I'll bookmark this page and update it every now and then.

In stock: 9k Flux and 3k Glim

In game username: DarknessNightshade

You may also post here if you wish to buy/sell with me.

Alternatively, contact me over steam, making sure to put 'trove shop' or something along that line as the subject in the message.