View Full Version : Buying/Trading for Booster Seat, 3 of the new Gear (for style), and 2 Winter Recipes

12-10-2014, 07:20 PM
Dark Red is the color for the Booster Seat list.
Purple is the color for the Gear (for style saving) list.
Navy is the color for the Winter Recipe list.

__Buying Mount__
Booster Seat. Bought!

__I have to offer for Booster Seat__

__Buying These gears to style save__
Pyro Puppy (Rainbow gear)
Frozen Fiend (Tundra gear) Found!
Flamingo of Pain (shadow gear) Bought!
Hatter's Madness (Legendary gear) Found!

__I have to offer for the gear__
250f each or
Bliss Bubble (Legendary gear) or
Crybaby (Rainbow gear) or
Northern Noggin-Warmer (Tundra gear) or
Peregrine Panda (Rainbow gear) or
Pinata Punisher (Legendary gear) or
Dark Mauler (Neon City gear) or
Lil Yata Buddy (Rainbow gear) or
Diamond Diadem (Tundra gear or
Penguin Potentate (Tundra gear) or
Festive Fir (Tundra gear)

__Buying these Winter Recipes__
Unknown Gift
Praline Pudding

__I have to offer for Winter Recipes__
300f each or
anything listed from the Gear list

(If you get any of the style I want, think of me before deconstructing them)

12-10-2014, 08:00 PM
Booster Seat
Hatter's Madness
Flamingo of Pain
Frozen Fiend

__I am still looking for__
Pyro Puppy
Unknown Gift
Praline Pudding