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08-21-2015, 10:23 PM
I would love to sell steed feed to you, but I do not have the time to farm sunlight bulbs and it is very hard to find sellers of sunlight bulbs.

Instead, I propose a trade:

50 SF = 230 bulbs + 100f
100 SF = 460 bulbs + 200f
150 SF = 690 bulbs + 300f
200 SF = 920 bulbs + 400f
250 SF = 1150 bulbs + 500f

You get the idea.. For every 50 steed feed, you would pay at a rate of 1:2f (instead of 1:5f). But you also give me the 230 sunlight bulbs it cost me to make those 50 steed feed.

*If you love this trade already, please post below!


*If you are not convinced, or are curious where I got my numbers..
Then here is my thought process:

To make 50 steed feed, we need 25 fertilizer + 175 sunlight bulbs.
To make the 25 fertilizer we need 5 water + 15 mushrooms + 65 glim
To make the 5 water we need 10 mushroom + 15 glim
To make the 25 total mushroom we need 7.5 fertilizer + 37.5 sunlight bulbs

..so now we need 7.5 more fertilzer, which needs more mushrooms, which needs more fert..

I make the fertilizer and mushrooms in bulk in order to avoid this annoying loop. The way I make it, it costs me an average 35.7 total fertilizer and 35.7 total mushrooms for every 50 steed feed.

So now let's take a look at the steed feed cost again, knowing it will take exactly 35.7 fertilizer and 35.7 mushrooms for every 50 steed feed.

To make 50 steed feed, we need X fertilizer + 175 sunlight bulbs.
To make the 35.7 fertilizer we need 7.1 water + X mushrooms + 65 glim
To make the 7.1 water we need X mushrooms + 21.3 glim
To make the 35.7 mushrooms we need X fertilizer + 53.5 sunlight bulbs

The BASE cost of 50 steed feed = 228.5 sunlight bulbs + 86.3 glim. So if glim is 3:1f, then it is roughly:
50 steed feed = 230 sunlight bulbs + 30f.

I have 3 options for obtaining the sunlight bulbs:

1. Farm them myself. I have farmed thousands, and I have decided I just don't have the time to keep trying to do this. If I were to harvest my own sunlight bulbs and sell steed feed at a rate of 1:5f, I would make 250f for every 50 steed feed. This would be a 220f profit (because it still costs me 30f to make them). The flux I am asking for is at a rate of 1:2f, or 100f for 50 steed feed. This is a 70f profit. I am totally ok with losing the 150f in profit in order to NOT have to farm them.

2. Buy sunlight bulbs. I'd love to. If I could find them in bulk for 2:1f, then total cost for 50 steed feed would be about 143f, or about 1:3f. So I could sell at 1:4f and still make a profit. Even if I bought sunlight bulbs at 1:1f, then it would be about 257f, or just over 1:5f. So I would have to sell at 1:6f OR HIGHER in order to make a profit. Then there's the people selling bulbs at 1:2f. I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing, they do seem to be in demand, after all. But if I try to buy those, then it costs me 607f, or a rate of 1:12f just to make them. I would have to sell steed feed at 1:13f or higher to make any sort of profit. In the end, It is hard enough to find anyone selling when I am online, and again, I just don't have the time.

So that leaves me with option 3:

3. Have the buyer (you) provide the sunlight bulbs. It would save me time and effort trying to harvest or buy the bulbs myself. It would save you the time and effort of having to make all the water, fertilizer, mushrooms, and finally the steed feed, by yourself. However, you would have to obtain the right amount of sunlight bulbs. But that leaves you with the ability to decide if you want to buy the sunlight bulbs or harvest them yourself. And you would know exactly how many you need to get what you want.

Down side
I only have about 1300 steed feed on hand at the moment. So if you wanted to buy more than that, or if I run out, then you would have to wait for me to grow the next batch. However, if I keep some growing as I'm making trades, I believe I should be able to find a happy medium where I always have some on hand to sell immediately.

*Thoughts? Comments? Please post below. I just ask that you do so respectfully. If you think I have made a miscalculation somewhere, feel free to let me know! I will edit any errors found and thank you for finding them.

*If you think this is a great idea and would like to trade with me, please post below! :D

*If you stayed with me this long and I have still not convinced you, or you think it's just about the stupidest idea ever, then that's fine too :) You do not have to trade with me, this is just an idea of mine. Have a great day :)

*If you think this is an AMAZING IDEA but would rather steal the idea for yourself than trade with me..
Then hey, more power to you :cool: Let me know how it goes ;)

08-22-2015, 02:30 PM
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