View Full Version : Flask Edition

12-09-2014, 10:57 AM
* Flasks are now a collectable and are permanently bound to your 'Q' slot (re-bindable in settings)
* Flasks customization are now in the store - these change the behavior and size of your flask when equipped
* The starter flask now has 10 charges, down from 12
* Winter pinata now has a double drop rate on styles and recipes for the thrower and 5% drop rate on styles and recipes for other players
* The Style Surprise item is now in the store - this item unlocks a random non-shadow adventuring style you don't already have.
* The chat window has gotten some visual polish
* Added underwater effect to camera
* Saloonbot and Fridgebot NPCs now use the appropriate punch attacks. They should be dealing less damage now.
* Fixed issue with the camera clipping through terrain in 1x1 holes.
* More cornerstones should appear around the hub.
* Improved client stability
* Neon City and Candoria terraformers now have unique VFX
* The Dry Gulch dungeon should now properly spawn in the Frontier.
* New Candoria recipe lair from FriedSushi.
* New Candoria lair from Celeress.
* New Candoria lair from Valaadus and Jereg.
* New Medieval Highlands dungeon from Icke.
* New Dragonfire Peaks dungeon from Minitone.