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12-07-2014, 11:21 PM
The wanting to buy list will be listed top to bottom as listed in the recipes list. The wanting to sell list will be as shown in my chest. My buying for prices will be somewhat negotiable.
For now, Buying each recipe for 150f & Selling for 50f unless otherwise marked.
If you see something with a "+" next to it, I'll be willing to pay a little extra for multipart recipes.

IGN: Holy


Metallic Rust Orange
Orange Glass
Blue Glass
Red Glass
Glowing Purple
Glowering Glare Jack **500f
Green Hanging Ball **500f
Starry Hanging Ball **500f
Fiery Hanging Ball **500f
Hanging Mistletoe Ball **500f
Evergreen Wreath **500f
Shadowy Beating Log **500f
Surprise Gift **500f
Mystery Gift **500f
Regal Ice Statue **500f
Champion Cheesefest **500f
Ham Roast **500f
Soulful Stew **500f
Large Leek Sprout
Planted Carrot Patch
Planted Onion Patch
Planted Potato Patch
Corn Bed
Tomato Bed
Watermelon Bed
Window Crossbar
Planter Sections+
Uncommon Planter Sections+
Tansu Base+
Plain Pane Window
Blick-a-Block Table
Simple Fish Bowl
Model Castle
Comfy Green Armchair
Island Sunset Painting
Glowing Cave Mushroom
Zippy Zebra
Li'l Dreamy
Sunset Egg
Yellow Arrows+
Blue Arrows+
Navy Bed+
Game Skewer
Hedge Sections+
Meadow Knight Gnome
Toad Stand
Plum Bed+
Dark Knight Gnome
Stormtrooper Gnome
Ghastly Trickster Gnome
Deathly Landscape Painting
Blood Moon Painting
Bone Lamp
Basalt Knight
Planetkiller Painting
Cubic Speaker
NED Display
Disblock Board
Model Gallery
Brass Helm
Smooth Sailing


Mellow 'Mallow Torch
Frostfae Gnome
Strawberry cow
Energy Ring
Bone Queen
Foamy Refreshment
Trellis Table
Ornate Wood Table
Lava Crystal
Busy Beehive
Optics-Enhanced Partition
Frosted Banner
Arctic Habitat Painting
Giddy Gradient
Icy Pillar Set
Ice Torch
Silver Chain
Bandit Gnome
Floating Icebergs Sculpture
Christmas Tree Snowglobe
Drawer Desk
Lawn Trolls
Collossal Cupcake
Polished Rock Pedestals
Fae Knight Gnome
Bone Pawn
Gold Chain
Bone King
Charred Qubesly
Basalt Rook
Basalt Queen
Abstract Frontier Painting
Frontier Fae Gnome
Grand Piano & Seat
Antique Coin
Cornerstone Cannon
Fae Nightscape Painting
Green Arrows
Blue Bedroll
Basalt Bishop
Trimmed Topiary
Candy Land Painting
Charred Chest
Pot of Gold
Jiggly Jelly
Bone Rook
Abstract Forest Painting
Trova Lisa
Highlands Railings
Barren Desert Sculpture
Hanging Icicles
Delicious Donut Box
Desert Raider Gnome
Stack of Shapestone
Red Arrows
Green Glowy Gumdrop
Pink Glowy Gumdrop
Forest Banner
Stormy Bed
Orange Glowy Gumdrop
Festivus Gnome
Trovian Babies
Stack of infinium
Future Light Fixtures
Wholesome Holograms
Autumn Sapling
Purple Glowy Gumdrop
Tech Table
Convenient Caffeinator
Basalt Bishop
Rock Torch
Blue Dot Light
Widdle Wed Dragon
Fae Planters, Vol. II
Mushroom Altar
Frostfae Gnome
Wooden Chest
Forest Gnome
Golden Throne
Saloon Oil Lamp
Magical Frog King

12-08-2014, 09:55 PM
Updated a few things!