View Full Version : 3 costumes/Raptor and butterfly allies (2 rare butterflies), commons 100f ea

08-13-2015, 11:46 AM
I got Relic of the Past(Shadow Hunter), Nightshade(Neon Ninja) and Licorice Lord(Candy Barbarian) costumes.
I'll list all the allies here, send me a msg/offer in-game. IGN = Miketzi
Common allies 100f ea, uncommons 450f
1x Tigerraptor Pup
5x Sunspot Sprinter
5x Blue Raptor
4x Smoky Strider
3x Dusky Raptor
2x Rusty Raptor

2x Feisty Flamedancer
1x Lucky Cloverwing
1x Fuchsia Flitterer
1x Cardinal Wildwing